Custom Nutritional Biofeedback

BIO: Live (Living) FEEDBACK
Developed by a Department of Defense Quantum Physicist

The technology of Biofeedback has been around for over 30 years, used in such prestigious institutions as the Mayo Clinic, Dept. of Defense etc.  The applications using certain software programs and sophisticated form of technology have proven to be quite astonishing.

The particular software and technology used at The Health Ranch is an IQS EAV Device, that uses the measurement of energy on acupuncture points, and then “feed” this information (Start a conversation between the human and the computer software program) into the computer where it “grades” the information on scales of high stress, balanced or chronic stress responses.

The IQS system is a sophisticated piece of technology that allows the trained health professional to have a candid, conversation with your body and its particular stresses to certain systems and what may be causing the imbalance, such as food intolerance, or an immune challenge.

The information this high tech device can tell us about the body is nothing less than amazingly accurate.


Many people buy and consume supplements that have no benefit for their body or are actually harmful to the body.

Tailored to your Body’s Specific Needs

By utilizing the sensitive biofeedback from your own body we can zero in on your imbalances and what is the most appropriate form of supplement or food for your body to get you back in SYNC! Feeling energized and vital!

A live biofeedback session is $75.00
Here is an example of what a Biofeedback Report looks like.

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