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Posted by Connie Huft on Monday, July 8, 2019
D. Bahr right after her hypnosis session

“I have always found there are no coincidences in life.  I met Connie Huft at a point in my life when I was completely at the mercy of my poor health.  My ‘to-do’ list started, and often ended with, 1. Get up and shower.  If I had an errand to run in Helena or Bozeman, I was often so exhausted afterward, the entire next day was spent in bed.  I’m not a lazy person and I felt like a total failure, certain that I was simply not trying hard enough.  The self loathing was crushing.  Then I learned Connie had excellent training in identifying the underlying causes of health issues and superior skills as a nutrition coach.  With her help, my life literally turned around.  We discussed my health history and she immediately targeted several issues, the greatest being the 1990 ruptured appendix and subsequent month long hospitalization with non stop IV antibiotics.  Plus, I had developed so many food sensitivities, I used to joke the only 2 things I could safely consume were water and oxygen.  With her professional and kind guidance, I learned what to avoid, what to substitute and how to reverse the sensitivities.  She guided me through the maze of supplements, simplifying my choices to a few that actually worked to reestablish nutritional absorption and increase my energy level.  Her recommendations permanently reversed my situation in just a couple of months, with affordable, short term supplementation.  In spite of being old enough to be on a first name basis with God and dirt, I now have my old self back, caring for a myriad of horses, dogs and wonderful husband, with energy to spare.

Another truly delightful aspect of maintaining a working relationship with Connie is her tremendous drive to grow and expand her areas of expertise.  She has become a wonderful therapeutic hypnotist, using her talents to assist clients with life changing self awareness and growth.”

D. Bahr

“When I first came to see Connie, I was curious about some emotional issues that were ruling my life, she also did biofeedback and the results were literally mind blowing!  She has a way of changing your view on the world and making it so much better!”

L. Carlson

“Not sure what you just did to me…but I haven’t felt energy like this in years!  My family says I’m bouncing off the walls!”

J. Schneider

I want to share my wonderful experience with Connie. I had never been hypnotized before and was a bit nervous especially for only having just met her. However, Connie puts you at ease immediately with her warm, gracious, very down to earth attitude and genuine desire to help people become the best they can be.
Her enthusiasm is contagious and she is clearly dedicated to helping people successfully move forward while making her session with you a fun and enlightening experience. 
She comes from a position of love, respect and self-empowerment. She is truly a remarkable human being. If you are ready to make positive changes in your life, I highly recommend that you give Connie a call. I’ll make it a point to see her again the next time I’m in Montana.

C. O’Bryant