InBody Scan

Why BMI is no longer a reliable way to measure your health risks

By taking a Body Composition scan, we can see how much actual muscle vs. fat vs. water you carry in your body.

If you have ever tried to lose weight, and you have been eating right, and working out hard, you have probably stepped on the scale only to find that, horror of horror, you gained weight!  It can be a debilitating emotional blow, even so much so that you quit your current program altogether.  Now with an InBody Composition Scan, you can see if that weight gain was Water weight, (most times it is!) or you packed on some real muscle and lost fat in the process, how cool is that?

These terms together give you a more sophisticated way to think about and approach both your body weight and your health. Put simply, you’ve got to know your body composition if you are serious about reaching your health goals and improving your quality of life.  Without knowing what you’re actually made of, you can only guess at how much muscle and body fat you actually have. Guessing leads to frustration, frustration leads to indifference, and indifference leads to quitting.

There are only a couple of Inbody Scanners in Montana and The Health Ranch is one of the few!
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