About Connie Huft, RN

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My Native American name is “Squats Under Horse”, my Superpower is Word Smithing, and I love helping people overcome their self-perceived limitations.

I was a fatty my entire life, and now I live a slim, muscular, adventurous life, and I want you to experience your Nirvana NOW!

I have been an entrepreneur since I was 14. First, I started breaking and training horses, moved up to becoming an auctioneer when I was 17, then decided to go to college (Montana State University) and became a nurse.  I practiced Cardiac and Emergency Room nursing, until I decided that the western medicine mindset of keeping people unhealthy so the hospital and big pharma could show massive profits, just wasn’t for me.  Therefore, I resorted back to my first love which was Horses, and became a professional farrier for 18 years.  In the meantime, I struggled with my weight and depression issues.  I began to explore alternative health modalities and became certified in many bio-energetic principles, including Homeopathics, Whole Food Supplementation, and Biofeedback.  I am a Board Certified Holistic Drugless Practitioner.  My Trail to find my own fulfillment led me to become a personal trainer in Calisthenics and ultimately to Hypnosis, in which I am certified and an avid learner.  This began an answer to a long awaited prayer, and I lost 120lbs and gained a new perspective on life.  Heading into the next 50 years, I am happy, healthy, fulfilled and motivated to help others find their true self, and fulfill their life’s passion.

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