Dedicated Athlete Program

This program is for the Seriously Dedicated Athlete who is ready to take their mental game and their physical game to the next level. 

Program Requirements:

  • Daily journal of what is going on in your head space.
  • Dedicated Athlete will get 3 hypnosis sessions specifically structured to their sport/discipline/event
  • Text, and phone support up to, and the day of the event.  I am here for you, if you chose to work with me.
  • Mental training means stronger physical training, you will discover ways to tap into your physical potential that naturally translates into your training.

All sessions, if not in person will be a pre-scheduled zoom video call.  Please be sure to have a space where you have consistent internet connection and will be undisturbed for the duration of the session.  Sessions can last up to 90 minutes.

Be sure to call 406-498-3140 and schedule a strategy session so we can discuss your goals and see if this is your next move to greatness!