Weight Loss Hypnosis

How bad do you really want it?

Unlike other coaches or hypnotists that do weight loss, I have actually been where you are, struggling, stuck, frustrated, hating my body and feeling lost in a sea of “I know what I should eat and do, but why is it not working?”  This was my BIG BREAKTHROUGH, MY TRANSFORMATION.  By understanding how my unconscious mind was running the programs that kept me stuck and self-sabotaging, I was able to “Uninstall” those old programs and “Upgrade” my internal programming which made eating for my body fun, easy, enjoyable, and working out an adventure I take my muscles on everyday.  I love my body, I love my life now, I can do anything now, the FREEDOM this has enabled me to have is PRICELESS!! 

Connie Huft, RN
My Intent is to give you an amazing Hypnotic Experience that will completely Transform your life!  You will Love the Results!  People continue with Hypnosis because it can change any area of your life that you want…..You have been Warned!  It’s a simple process with amazing results!

Hypnosis for Understanding Your Relationship to Food

We explore your relationship to food through regression hypnosis.  This allows us to get to many of the root programs that are underlying your specific food issues, and come away with resolution and a new understanding of your behaviors.

Hypnosis for your Perfect Body Weight

Utilizing hypnosis we install custom programs for your specific goals and body weight.  These are customized to your life and what you want to achieve, not somebody else’s idea about how you should look.

Virtual Gastric Band

Hypnosis is a very powerful modality that ignites the unconscious mind.  Whatever you see and feel in your unconscious mind it perceives as real.  Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis is a great way for the body to experience a surgical procedure without the pain, cost and complications of actual surgery. 

The beauty of it is, the body believes it now has a much smaller stomach capacity which allows you to eat less.

Hypnosis for Healthy Movement and Fitness

Hypnosis helps to change your current attitudes and beliefs about healthy movement patterns and fitness.  So many of us “don’t like working out.” By identifying limiting beliefs we can change those underlying programs and tap into a whole new awareness of how good movement can feel, and find fun, and creative ways that allow you to have the control and function that you want.

Hypnosis for Proper Food Choices and Control

Hypnosis helps to change your perceptions and attitudes towards healthy foods and allows you to have complete control over your eating choices.  This gives you the power to take your life and body back!

Habits are just stubborn brain wiring, and can easily be changed.
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