6 week Weight Loss Program

For the SERIOUSLY Dedicated to Change Only!

Taking Applications Now!  Please Schedule a strategy call and see if I am taking new clients at this time.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss Success

This is a complete 6 week reprogramming of your unconscious eating patterns, behavioral patterns and mindset patterns regarding food, exercise and body image. 

Every week we have a one-on-one hypnosis and coaching session, that allows a deep understanding of your food, body and behavioral issues.  Not only do you learn how to eat for your body and work with it, you also learn how to re-love yourself (because you loved yourself as a baby), you will rapidly be able to change how you view food, your body and enjoy life again.  Your body weight and self-image are central to your happiness and fulfillment, this is the BREAKTHROUGH you have been searching for!

You must be willing to keep a short journal entry of what is happening in your head space every day, be fully committed to change your perceptions, and most importantly…be willing to be open, have fun and enjoy life again.

Included in this package:
  • 6 weekly hypnosis sessions
  • 6 food strategy sessions
  • Complimentary Biofeedback session which includes a complete look at what your body needs to balance out your nutrition/align your hormones and bring vitality and harmony back into your body.
  • Complete Body Detox program to help position your body for a clean start
These are 90 minute sessions which include hypnosis and custom functional nutritional coaching